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Posted by on Sep 15, 2013 in Featured, Lifestyle, Technology | 0 comments

Destiny-Sky Broadband Internet Review

Destiny-Sky Broadband Internet Review

After my unfortunate experience with Smart Bro, I now have a new Internet Service Provider, I am now with Destiny Broadband but since Sky had acquired this company, this ISP uses the same connection as with Sky Broadband.

This will serve as a review for my new ISP, for the first week, I am really impressed with their service, I haven’t experienced this kind of connection with other ISP before.

My Pingtest is very much impressive, I got an A Grade, a 0% packet loss, ping of 28ms and a jitter of 11ms. That is very good to use in all kind of web applications as long as I have enough bandwidth, though I am not aware if they have what we call “Fair Usage Policy” wherein accounts which exceeds to a certain amount of bandwidth will be slowed down.

Below are my last 3 Speedtest results, the first one is my latest result before posting this. As you can see, I have a grade of C or C-, but that is fine with me because my plan is only 1Mbps, so I would really expect that grade but I don’t care. What I care the most is its consistency, I can download large files and even stream online videos simultaneously, isn’t that amazing?

Before, I couldn’t do this task at the same time, if I would like to watch a video in YouTube, I would rather download it instead of watch it online because my old ISP (Smart Bro) can’t provide me a good connection as this. I remember when I used Speedtest before, I would always get a very high ping or latency, normally it is more than 100ms or higher, I rarely get a ping below this and that could only happen when I am using the internet very early in the morning or between 1AM to 5AM, which I rarely do because I am asleep during this times.

VoIP like Skype is better with this new ISP now, I can talk to my client much better than before.

I know that it is too early to give this service a verdict, but from day 1 with them and up to this moment, I am very very satisfied with the service. I will update or provide new reviews once I encounter problems with them, but I hope I won’t. :)