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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Featured, Technology | 7 comments

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

On Wednesday, the President of the Republic of the Philippines signed the Republic Act 10175 or better known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. The goal of this law is to punish cyber criminals who have been roaming around the world wide web for the past years. As cyber crimes continuously rise, more and more netizens are victimized by these kind of people. Illegal Access, Illegal Interception, Data Interference, System Interference and Cyber Squatting are only a few of the crimes that is covered by this law.

Defining the law

Now before we start up, let us first define what is this all about, this is the law that will protect individuals as well as companies from any crime committed through the internet. With this anyone who will be proven guilty of cyber crimes will be punished by not less than 6 years and not more than 12 years of imprisonment. Offenders may also be charged fining an amount for the damage done by him/her. We already have a law before which is called the eCommerce law but it is very limited.

 Advantages of this law

  • Protection against cyber bullies and similar issues- There were a lot of Filipino people especially the youth who experienced or were victims of cyber bullies. The most common way of doing this attack is via social networking sites, there was an incident that was featured in the television where the victim’s photo was used and edited, then a defamatory statement was written beside his photo. And because of human culture where most of the people believe easily to anything they read even they do not know if it has a basis and these kind of photos gets viral where thousands of people will post, share and comment. But this will no longer happen today or at least this will minimize this kind of attack, because anyone who will be proven guilty of will surely stay for years in jail.
  • Protection against cyber squatters – This is almost similar to literal informal settlers or known as squatters the only difference is that they stay on the internet. What cyber squatters do is to buy available domains of a company and park it or use it to promote themselves or to discredit the company. But the reason that I know for this kind of activity is to sell the domain to the rightful owners at a higher price, of course they will have no choice but to purchase that from the person who currently holds their brand. And because protection from cyber squatters is covered by this law, companies will no longer worry if their domains were being taken by someone else, they can easily file charges at them and gain the right for their brand.
  • Protection against child pornography – This is probably one of the best advantages of this law, there are a lot of children that are victims of pornography, people behind this act must really pay the prize for doing such illegal and inhumane things, they are disregarding the rights of these children.

Disadvantages of this law

  • Freedom of speech is compromised – In a democratic country, everyone is free to do or to speak out what he/she wants. But because of this law, freedom of speech on the internet is prohibited. No one can express themselves against anything especially if you want to voice out your opinions about a certain politician, since you might be charged of libel.
  • Intrusion of privacy - If there is a person under investigation, the authorities are allowed to log and check every online activity that he/she is doing. Therefore, that person will lose his/her privacy.
  • Only positive things must be posted – Almost similar to the first listed above. Nobody is allowed to express their selves, you are not allowed to say any negative things to a public official. Once you do so, you will be penalized and will be considered as a cyber criminal.
  • Liking, sharing, tweeting or re-tweeting posts are libelous - If you are an avid fan before of a Facebook fan page or a follower of a twitter account which posts/tweet some libelous content and you were tempted to like, share, re-tweet or in any means to spread or show that you agree with the poster will also be penalized. This is vague, since people have different understandings or interpretation in terms of libelous comment, thus, this will be used by politicians to sue their critics.
  • Ability to take down websites without warning – This is also alarming, imagine, the Department of Justice have the power over our blogs or websites which is a personal property of any individuals. If we try to post anything that they will consider as illegal they can immediately shut down our blog/website and restrict access to it without prior notice or warning to the website owner. And to a blogger, his/her blog is like a precious stone which they cannot afford to lose.
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