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Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Featured, News | 0 comments

Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista named as next AFP Chief

Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista named as next AFP Chief

The current Commanding General of the Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Emmanuel T. Bautista was named yesterday as the next Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff, the highest position in the institution.

Lt. Gen. Bautista was the son of Brig. Gen. Teodolfo Bautista, the general who waskilled by MNLF rebels in Patikul, Sulu 35 years ago. According to the story, the elder Bautista was lured by Usman Sali, an MNLF commander to attend a meeting to talk about ceasefire. And to show his good intentions, Gen. Teodulfo Bautista together with other 33 military officers and personnel came unarmed. And the one of the bloodiest incident in Philippine military history happened that day where only one soldier survived the massacre. The younger Bautista was then a Plebe in Philippine Military Academy when it all happened.

Lt. Gen. Bautista

Military Career

Lt. Gen. Bautista is a member of the PMA Dimalupig class of 1981, the same class where Dir. Gen. Alan Purisima, the freshly appointed PNP chief Cheif of Staff belong.

Bautista’s previous positions includes as the commander of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, Deputy Chief of Staff for operations, 702nd Infantry Brigade Commander under the 7th Infantry Division and Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for plans and program.

He also received 26 Military Merit Medals, 1 Bronze Cross Medal, 2 Combat Commander “K” badges and other awards. He was also a graduate of a war fighting course in¬†Virginia, USA and a tactics course in New Zealand.